Instrumentation more
Tiankang Group produces five series of instrumentation products, including temperature, pressure, material level, flow rate and complete set. The self-developed supercritical thermocouple and thermal resistance products are approved by the state authority and widely used in the nuclear power industry.
Optical cable more
The optical cable products produced by the Group have a high share in the domestic market. After the 1E class K3 cable entered the nuclear power market, it has made due contributions to the nuclear power industry in China. "Zhoupigeon" brand series optical cable products in the same industry in the country took the lead in obtaining access permission and use of the Ministry of Information Industry, the General Administration of Radio and Television and the General Staff, providing a large number of high-quality products for the construction of many large-scale projects in the country. The mineral insulated cables and heat tracing cables developed by the company are in the forefront of the peers in terms of quality and scale.
new energy more
Anhui Tiankang New Energy Co., Ltd. is a subordinate enterprise of Anhui Tiankang Group, a large state enterprise. It is also an early high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, production and promotion of new energy in Anhui Province. In 2008, the company invested 2.6 billion yuan, covering 629 mu, and built a new Tiankang nano lithium titanate power/energy storage battery project in Tianchang Economic Development Zone. After four years of research and development and construction, in August 2012, our self-developed Nano-Lithium titanate power/energy storage battery products passed the National Power and Energy Storage Battery Testing Center successfully, and all the performance indicators were qualified
Medicine and Medical more
The group has more than 30 kinds of "Wukang" brand Chinese and Western medicine products. Among them, Baixuekang (Compound Huangdai Tablet) has remarkable curative effect on acute promyelocytic leukemia, and won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in June 2012. Besides satisfying the domestic market, most of the products produced by the company are sold abroad.
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